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Ubiki creates fresh, fun, and modern art for nurseries and children's rooms. Be sure to visit our Shop, Facebook, and Twitter pages!


Ubiki creates fresh, fun, and modern artwork for nurseries and children’s rooms. Recently re-launched in 2010 with the new World of Ubiki series and its first Safari line, Ubiki continues to appeal to the young and young art heart with a focus on pure colors and simple forms.

About The Artist

Ubiki is the brainchild of Sion Lee, who drew his first, much-loved Rawr monster print in 2007 (please visit ImageKind or Etsy for his Ubiki Originals line). His current World of Ubiki is inspired by his childhood friend’s daughter, Elyse, who every day wakes up and says hello to Ubiki’s Oscar and Milo above her bed.

Creative and expressive, he strives to make a difference every day–while working in his pajamas, of course. Keep up with Sion’s daily goings-on by following his Twitter.

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