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Introducing The World of Ubiki

Ubiki, featured numerous times on the world’s fastest growing art site Imagekind, has introduced The World of Ubiki featuring a host of fun and cute characters with historical namesakes.

July 10, 2010 — Sion Lee, creator of Ubiki (www.ubiki.com), today announced The World of Ubiki featuring even more fun-filled characters using the simple lines, bold color, and humor customers have come to love. Ubiki creates fresh, fun, and modern artwork for nurseries and children’s rooms.

Characters will appear in lines, the first of which is Safari. Each line will feature characters with a distinct personality taken from a historical namesake. This name and personality can be used by parents to provide a unique learning experience for their children as they grow up. Ubiki also now allows for greater customization with left and right justification, numerous color choices, and both single prints and prints with all characters on it.

Ubiki’s new art line resulted from listening to customer feedback. “One of the most common requests I hear from parents is for more simple and modern children’s art, as well as more colors to match their nursery or kid’s room decor. With the World of Ubiki, I can offer both these things along with the convenience of print-on-demand art and custom framing,” says Sion.

The Safari line is available now on Ubiki’s Imagekind store.

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